Dry Erase Board & Clipboard

Various products of Dry Erase Board & Clipboard, providing product images and basic parameters with each Dry Eraser Board and Clip Boards; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Dry Erase Board & Clipboard, and look forward to your cooperation!

Dry Erase Board & Clipboard Description

Dry erase board, a whiteboard, also can be named as marker board, dry-wipe board or pen-board, is a name for  any glossy, usually white surface for nonpermanent  markings, allowing rapid marking and erasing of markings on their surface, the popularity of whiteboards increased rapidly in the mid-1990s and they have become a fixture in many offices, meeting rooms, school classrooms, and other work environments.

Clipboard is a thin, rigid board with a clip at the top for holding paper in place. A clipboard is typically used to support paper with one hand while writing on it with other, especially when other writing surfaces are not available.

TBL supplies different shapes an size board, offers at low price to meet customer`s limited budgets, OEM and ODM are welcomed, accepts small quantity orders.
TBL always concentrates on developing and supplying high cost performance Dry erase board/activity board/clipboard for kids, and always wish our Kids have a happy childhood. Welcome any orders and inquires.

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